The Online Visualisation of Argument tool is an online system for analysing and annotating the structure of argument and reasoning in discourse. You can find out more in this short introductory video.

We hope you find OVA useful. If you use it in your research, please consider citing us. Currently (for version 2 of OVA, incorporating the enhanced functionality in OVA+) the most appropriate citation is:

Janier, M., Lawrence, J., Reed, C (2014) "OVA+: an Argument Analysis Interface" in Parsons, S., Oren, N., Reed, C. & Cerutti, F. (eds) Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Computational Models of Argument (COMMA 2014), IOS Press, Pitlochry, pp463-464.

For queries, feature requests, local deployments and other specialisations of OVA, please contact info@arg.tech